Secrets to Balancing Country and City Living


Countryside or city living? Are you an urbanite or do you prefer to tranquility of an empty field or a long country road? Most people would put themselves in one camp or the other. But others feel that they would get tired of exclusively living in a rural or urban area. But is it possible to have the perfect balance between country and city life? Can you go to work in the city and then retire to the quiet countryside every evening? Or perhaps live in a high-rise flat in the middle of a bustling city, but take frequent weekends away to a rural retreat?

Commuting to the City

The counties surrounding London (the Home Counties) are the ideal place to combine country living with city work. Commuting into London by train or car from Hampshire, Kent, Buckinghamshire or elsewhere is not only quite easy by it’s cheaper than London living too. London is where the work is for many different industries, but city living isn’t for everyone. If you choose to live in Hampshire, estate agents in Potters Bar can help you find the ideal house in this small town, just 18 miles from Charing Cross. Since Britain is so green, cities tend to have more rural spaces not too far away. People working in other large cities, such as Newcastle, Edinburgh and Manchester, can easily live in the countryside and commute to the city.


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Living it Up at the Weekend

Other people may choose to live in the peace and quiet of the countryside, but spend their leisure time somewhere more lively. It’s not always cheap to book a hotel room in the city if you want to stay overnight, but it’s worth it for a change of scenery. Whether you’re partying all weekend or taking in some culture, visiting a nearby city or large town is great for a little more action. If city living isn’t for you, a weekend away is just the right amount of hustle and bustle. Then you can retire back to your cosy cottage in your tiny village.

Relaxing Breaks in the Country

Choosing to do things the other way around is an option too. Many people just can’t get on with the quietness of the countryside. Suddenly being faced with large stretches of greenery and fields full of animals can be boring if you’re used to a more active type of stimulation. But others like to enjoy it in small doses – just a short break to recharge their batteries before getting back to the grindstone. You don’t need to go very far out of the city to feel as if you’ve escaped to the country – and you’ll still have access to modern technology.

Combining country and city life is possible, but it does require some work. If you want to live in one and spend frequent time in the other, be prepared to travel to get the best of both worlds.